What is a VRV System?

A Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system is a multi-split type of system that can be connected to various kinds of indoor such as wall mounted, ceiling cassette, ceiling suspended, ceiling ducted & floor standing unit in a high capacity horsepower (BTU) condenser units.

What is the benefit of VRV System?

VRV has a condenser unit that may contain one or more compressors with a high capacity horsepower (BTU) and can be connected to up to 50 units indoor Fan coil units with a single pipeline, So it will not need much space to install the condenser unit & saves energy suitable for office, healthcare, residential, hotel and school Facilities.

Is VRV System Efficient?

VRV systems are highly energy-efficient, as they use inverter technology to adjust the compressor speed based on the cooling needs of the building. This results in reduced energy consumption and lower operating costs. 

Do you provide aircon services for commercial aircon?

We offers a wide range of commercial aircon servicing, repair & installation that included split unit, multi-system , VRV, VRF & etc.


Evey 3 months. Our recommendation is to service the aircon 4 TIMES per year if you are an aircon user throughout the night for more than 8 hours every day. and if you use your aircon during the day and night for more than 16 hours need to service it once a month. 

What does aircon servicing do?

During the aircon servicing, our technician will dismantle the cover, water tray, and fan blower to wash and clean up the evaporator coil to clear off the molds, dust and dirt.


Yes, We are many brands of air conditioner spare parts dealers and we always target to replace the parts within 24 hours after we troubleshoot. The troubleshooting fee with just only $50, and will be waived upon engaging us for the parts replacement.

Do you offer a warranty after aircon servicing?

Yes, we offer 90 days warranty for all of ours servicing.

What types of air-conditioning services does your company provide?

we provide General servicing, Jetwash Servicing & chemical Overhaul.

Does your General servicing dismantle the blower wheel?

Yes, subject to the aircon model, some of the model FCU design is unable to remove the fan blower wheel, you can use the Jetwash servicing to thoroughly wash the fan blower.

What is the Jetwash servicing?

We are using 130bar pressure water to Jetwash all detachable parts including the evaporator coil as well, this method is suitable for those aircon unit was used every day.

Will this Jetwash Servicing method splash water everywhere or all over the floor?

No, we will wrap the entire unit in an oversized canvas sheet to do the washing, dirty water flow into a big bucket and we’ll cover the floor and all nearby furniture with the canvas. 

Do you provide the chemical wash (Non-dismantle ) or chemical Overhaul (Entire unit dismantle)?

we only provide the chemical overhaul by dismantling the entire unit and disassembly every part of your Fan coil unit to be chemical jetwashing piece by piece. 

What's the different between chemical wash (Non-dismantle ) or chemical Overhaul (Entire unit dismantle)?

The services called “Chemical wash” in the market do not disassemble & dismantle the whole fan coil unit, but just spray the chemical onto the evaporator coil while hanging on the wall, so the chemical cannot be washed thoroughly, resulting in the residual chemical corrosion of the evaporator coil causing severe rust, air leak, smell & etc.

Why does my aircon have water dripping?

It could be the drainage pipe or the water tray clogged, it’s time to call us to book an servicing appointment.

Why is my Aircon fan coil unit still having water leaking within a short times after servicing?

It could be the drainage pipe gradient issues, we need to re-gradient the drainage pipe line come with high-pressure flushing.

Why is my air conditioner making vibration noise?

This could be an issue with the fan motor or bearing mount. usually, we apply the grease to lubricate the parts first to see if the noise can be solved, we provide free lubricating while you engage our aircon servicing.

Why is my aircon trunking having water leaking?

It’s the condensation from the piping, need to check all the FCU if have clogged and caused the piping line to freeze or the condition of the insulation. 

why did my fan coil unit stop suddenly and found the status of light blinking?

This phenomenon is due to a malfunctioning component of your air conditioning system, or insufficient feon gas, You can contact our technical team how to find out the indicated error code and fix it accordingly.

Why does the power breaker trip when I turn on the air conditioner?

It could be the compressor, fan Motor, power circuit board, or wiring shock. you can call us and make an appointment to do a troubleshooting.

Why is my aircon turned on & off suddenly by itself?

It could be the sensor receiver malfunction or the remote timer setting.

Why is my Air Conditioning unit not cooling enough?

There are several possibilities, the air conditioner fan blower or evaporator coil is dirty and clogged causing the airflow to weak or the gas insufficiently etc.

What brand of air conditioner do you sell?

we are the distributor for many brands of air conditioner, As long as you can think of the brand, we have it.

what type of air conditioner do you sell & install ?

We sell & install split and centralized air conditioners as well as wall-mounted, ceiling cassette, ceiling suspended & ceiling Ducted.

Do you provide the aircon installation work?

Yes, Not only that, our technicians are well-trained and certified by the aircon installation authority BCA.

Are there any charges for the site survey for the aircon installation quotation?

No, our site survey is totally free, if you’re confused about what kind of system or BTU is required, you can book an appointment with us, our project manager will be happy to explain the entire process and give you a proposal then send you a quote.

Are there any additional charges for installation?

No, our installation have no any hidden cost, we will send you an official quote based on we site survey.

Can you complete the installation aircon work within a day?

Yes, we always target to complete the installation work on the same day, unless it’s a renovation site and several trips work required.

What is a BTU?

The British thermal unit (BTU or Btu) is a measure of heat, which is measured in units of energy. it’s a unit of measurement that shows just how much air conditioner horsepower uses to remove heat for the space.

How can I know what's the BTU required for the space?

You can measure the Width, Length & Height of the space to send us or send us the floor plan, our project manager will review and advice.

What's aircon incoming powers amperes required?

15 amp to 32 amp single phase, depending of the system combination and compressor horsepower, our project manager will advise once the system combination is confirmed.

What grade of material do you use?

we always use premium materials for all our clients as we are looking at the long-term business to provide the aircon servicing for you in the future.

What is the premium materials?

At least 1/2″ or above thick with class O famous brand insulation such as Armaflex & K-Flex.
At least 16mm diameter PVC drainage pipe with insulation.
Keystone & Sigma 4core40 & 3core70 wiring cable.

How long is the warranty covered for the aircon installation?

we offer 2-years warranty for workmanship & 3 years warranty for the premium materials.

What warranty is covered for aircon equipment?

1-year warranty for spare Parts & 5 years warranty for compressor by agent.

What does Single split, System 2 or System 3, etc. mean for an air conditioning system?

Single split is One indoor Fan coil unit (FCU connected to one unit outdoor condenser unit (CU).
System 2 is two indoor Fan Coil unit (FCU) connected to one unit outdoor condenser unit (CU).
*The number of the system is represented by the quantity of the indoor FCU connected to the same condenser unit. 

How much does it cost to relocate the aircon in Singapore ?

The average cost to relocate the aircon is between $200-$450, though the cost can go higher than $450, depending on the length of the pipe and other site requirements.