Chemical Overhaul

Aircon Chemical Overhaul with Pressure Jet Washer

There is no escaping the fact that all electronics and equipment will go through wear and tear over time and use, and air conditioners are no exception. With the weather in Singapore being constantly warm and humid, the last thing you would want is your air conditioners to break down which will give you even more headaches. The answer to the effects of time is to do a chemical overhaul.

The intense and detailed cleaning will restore each and every part of your aircon, almost as if it’s brand new again.

Re-live the feeling of having a newly bought aircon with our chemical overhaul!

What makes JetStyle Chemical Overhaul different from others is that we not only dismantle all parts for chemical washing, but we will go the extra mile and use Pressure Jet Washer to wash out the chemicals and thoroughly clean up your air conditioner. This not only completes the cleaning, but also keeps your air conditioning going for longer, and prevents clogging in the short term.

Do check out our aircon services that can help you maintain the new aircon experience once you have done your chemical overhaul.

What Do We Do?

Dismantle the fan coil

Thoroughly spray chemical on the evaporator coil and all parts of the air conditioning unit

Lubricate the fan bearings to make sure the unit operates quietly without producing any noise

Clean up the electronic circuit board

Wash all parts with Pressure Jet Washer

Flushing of the drainage pipe with Pressure Jet Washer

Check compressor suction and discharge gas pressure

Test the operation of the air conditioning unit

Key Benefits

In Depth Cleaning, Long Lasting

 In-depth removal of all mould and jelly, and kills bacteria. Make your air conditioner last longer without getting clogged!

We will thoroughly wash away all the chemicals used in the cleaning process, to ensure no potentially harmful substances stays in your aircon!

The increase in cooling effect will in turn directly allow your air conditioner to consume lesser electricity, leading to more savings!

We will be able to reduce the ‘huffing’ noises made by the fan blower. Enjoy a quieter and more peaceful surrounding

Able to thoroughly flush out any jelly buildup inside your drainage pipe with pressure jet

We are confident in our technical expertise. We will provide 3 months workmanship warranty to keep your peace of mind!

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Aircon Chemical Overhaul Price




1 x Fan Coil unit

2 x Fan Coil units

$160.00 nett

$135.00 nett/ per unit

*90 days warranty for workmanship
* including top up gas (add on)

*Top Up $90.00 for your first Jet Wash Condensing Unit
(when you engage any of our service)

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