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Jetstyle Aircon – Pioneer in Cutting Edge High Pressure Washing Technology with more than 10 years of aircon servicing experience in Singapore. We provide servicing and repair for all types of air-conditioning.


  • Pressure Jet Wash ensures that all dirty substances, contaminants, and residue are fully washed away from the condensing unit’s working parts, paving the way for cool, clean air
  • Our specialised technique ensures that the entire condensing unit and its parts are fully cleaned, and eliminates all unwanted contaminants.
  • Most of us are living in high rise buildings and have your condensing units out on a ledge. Not to worry, we will guarantee that no water ever drips down!

Normal Aircon Servicing

If Jetwash isn’t your thing, we do provide normal aircon servicing using vacuum to remove any dust from your aircon system

Jetwash Aircon Servicing

We use high pressure spray technology to thoroughly clean your aircon without the use of chemical

Aircon Chemical Overhaul Servicing

Using chemical helps remove any hard odour and at the same time, thoroughly cleaning all the hard to reach areas within your aircon system

Aircon Condenser Servicing

Using our cutting edge high pressure technique thoroughly clean your condenser unit.  Suitable for both residential & commercial air-conditioning

Aircon Repair & Troubleshoot

Site survey & inspection to check on your air-conditioning problems. We offer expert advice & best repair options allowing you to make the most informed decision

Aircon Promotion & Installation

We carry popular brands from Daikin  & Mitsubishi Electric. Check out our promotions to get the best available deals for each month

Working Hours: 8am–7pm (Monday – Saturday)

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Thanks for the professional service from kai/ling/loi, now the musty smell on my aircons is gone. The JetWash servicing, that technicians' team suggested based on my aircon condition, is good and really working. It was a very nice experience.
Yangxi FAN
Yangxi F.
This is my 2nd time engaging their service. Team 1 did an excellent job in assessing and cleaning the aircon units. They arrived punctually. They are neat, dilligent and respectful to customer's properties. Philip and team provided us very professional advice on maintenance and is patient to explain on how cleaning process is done. Most importantly is they do not hard sell. The customer service is very responsive and friendly too. Happy and satisfied for the great job done! Thank you.
J w
J w
My regular ac servicing guy mia. Hence, decided to give jetstyle a try. Philip and his team were professional and did a wonderful job. My ac is so clean, it feels like new. I will definitely use them long term. Highly recommended. I am very satisfied with their quality of work!!
Jacqueline Lim
Jacqueline L.
They where recomended by a friend as my system had failed. Very professional and prompt on their promise and installed a new system within a week of asking for quote. They had determined the problem and manged to fit me into their schedule because I literally had no aircon.I will moving all my servicing/cleaning to them as my previous company was a let down which I had been with them for over 8 years. Highly recommended.
Chi-Wah Ho
Chi-Wah H.
My 1st time engaging their service today through a friend recommendation. They assessed all units before recommending the service required.2 units chemical overhaul, 2 units jet-wash and jet-wash condensing unit. Their cleaning were done professionally, explained and show every steps done.Honest, quality and professionalism is what I am looking for and they did it. Thanks the Ling Team for the advice and the great job done.
Pris Tan
Pris T.
I had a positive experience from engaging their air con servicing last week.The technicians were punctual with the appointment. They assessed all units before recommending the type of servicing required. They performed 2 x jetstyle washing and 2 x basic servicing on the 4 units. I was really impressed with the clean state of the units that were washed down by the jet spray. I was satisfied with the end result of the cleaning and I would recommend this to everyone.
Mohammad Shahid
Mohammad S.
Very good in servicing aircon. Very good in greeting customer also.. will definitely recommend friends and family to them..
Yee Kok Poh
Yee Kok P.
Professional service. Recommended!
Gabriel Ching
Gabriel C.
The service man came on time and very professional in cleaning aircon and very polite to customer.
Ivy Foo
Ivy F.
Very good in servicing aircon, and also very fast in cleaning aircon and also very clean. and attitude very good.
Hui Wen
Hui W.
Yap Chiew Hong
Yap Chiew H.
Thank you Philip and Chong for providing aircon service. Very fast and answers client querries straight to the point. Will take service again after 4 months.
Jey Efsi
Jey E.
My cousin called Jetstyle Aircon Services to "jetwash" all the units in the house. They are very punctual, they cleaned the aircon units thoroughly and even checked and explained everything in detail to us. Excellent service. I highly recommend them and also will continue asking them to clean and service my aircon units in future. Thank you Jetstyle Aircon
Angelica Mining
Angelica M.
First time ever having an aircon servicing team arrive early. I appreciate their honesty in evaluating the gas levels in the condenser units. I've had other aircon servicing companies try to con me into topping up the gas when it wasn't necessary. Good and clean servicing of the aircon units as well.
E-Fei Ng
E-Fei N.
My aircon was leaking and they managed to solve the problem. Friendly and efficient!
Isabel Chang
Isabel C.
Excellent response! Arrived within 2hours from being contacted. Efficient, responsible and cleaned up after themselves. Well done you guys! You guys will be my go to aircon servicing company here on.
Buvanesh Jayamogan
Buvanesh J.
Excellent service and quality, friendly and responsible teams
kee ic
kee I.
Thanks for the excellent service. This is my first time to engage their service. I have contacted Jetstyle to do my air con chemical overhaul cleaning on 28 Sep 2019.The technicians have done an excellent service. The air con is very clean and shining after their chemical overhaul cleaning. Very friendly and helpful technicians. I have a very bad experience in another air con service company few months ago which that company didn't clean properly and some black patch still in the fan coil after chemical overhaul . I will definitely recommend Jetstyle Air con service company to all of you for their excellent service. Thanks the technician Chong and Philip who have done the excellent job. 👍👍👍. I will continue engage their services in future for sure.
koh sally
koh S.
Informative, friendly and professional servicemen - highly recommend!!! 🙌🙌
Rachel Lee
Rachel L.
Azmi Yunus Yunus
Azmi Yunus Y.
Excellent!!! & humble...very genuine... fantastic.. thank you so much Brian, Lim & Tiong.
Gurmit Kaur
Gurmit K.
Janice Cheah
Janice C.
Thanks Ling, the jet washing is very clean. I am impressed. Thanks for your professional advice too, will recommend your services to my friends.
Joe Chng
Joe C.
It was my 1st time engaging their services. Kai, Brandon & Chong came to my house on 03/03/2019. They are very professional and friendly. They also explained patiently. I was really satisfied with their service and definitely will call them again whenever I needed.
royal orchid
royal O.
Very punctual and friendly service. .Aircon service and jet wash service by Ling & kai. Thank you.
Hasanga Wijesekara
Hasanga W.
Provided excellent service and very efficient when performing chemical jet clean for 1 unit
Alvin Chong
Alvin C.
1st time engaging their services .Ah kai and Philip came to my house on 18/11 for 2 unit jetwash servicing.At first I was wondering how they pressure washing my aircon,final it was really opened my eyes and not wet and not messy.the aircon as clean and cold as new one.they also properly cleaned up the bathroom. I would say it is hassle free n with the friendly polite team.will definitely engage their brand new jetwash servicing again.Thumb up.keep your good work.
Queenie Ying
Queenie Y.
Very friendly and efficient. Fix my aircon leakage problem and advise me on future maintenance. First time write google review because of their great service.
Lucas Loh
Lucas L.
They came on the same day upon calling. Very professional work done. Didn't try to sell me anything unlike other contractors and still give me free gas top up. Very thank you to you
Jimmy Chai
Jimmy C.
Really not bad, unique since it's our first time trying out jetwash. Very clean with no chemical.
David Wong
David W.
100% highly recommended...the serviceman is really good and very experienced....hard to find this kind of sincere and committed serviceman that do a proper servicing especially not a common type such as my ceiling aircon...do a thorough job and also do their jetwash chemical cleaning with very appropriate price...never urged me to change any parts. thank you for the good servicing and will definitely come back if servicing needed again
Jason Chen
Jason C.
First time try out jet washing. So i ask a lot of questions and they paitently explain to me about jet wash technique and benefits. I am quite impressed jet washing can clean my aircon throughly. I was abit skeptical at first but they were intro by my fren so i try lor. Overall their cleaning were done very professionally. Very clean and nv make a mess. Also explain to me every steps they r doing. I like their service.
Samuel Lee
Samuel L.

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