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    Transforming Maintenance To Performance

Jetstyle Aircon – Pioneer in Cutting Edge High Pressure Washing Technology with more than 10 years of aircon servicing experience in Singapore. We provide servicing and repair for all types of air-conditioning.


  • Chemical free process, but eliminates all dirt and unwanted substances
  • Thoroughly cleans out dust and jelly for easy maintenance
  • Prevents risk of allergies, and provides safe environment for asthma sufferers
  • Prevents any condensation issues from occurring
  • Able to comprehensively clean any system on any installation


  • Pressure Jet Wash ensures that all dirty substances, contaminants, and residue are fully washed away from the condensing unit’s working parts, paving the way for cool, clean air
  • Our specialised technique ensures that the entire condensing unit and its parts are fully cleaned, and eliminates all unwanted contaminants.
  • Most of us are living in high rise buildings and have your condensing units out on a ledge. Not to worry, we will guarantee that no water ever drips down!

Normal Aircon Servicing

If Jetwash isn’t your thing, we do provide normal aircon servicing using vacuum to remove any dust from your aircon system

Jetwash Aircon Servicing

We use high pressure spray technology to thoroughly clean your aircon without the use of chemical

Aircon Chemical Overhaul Servicing

Using chemical helps remove any hard odour and at the same time, thoroughly cleaning all the hard to reach areas within your aircon system

Aircon Condenser Servicing

Using our cutting edge high pressure technique thoroughly clean your condenser unit.  Suitable for both residential & commercial air-conditioning

Aircon Repair & Troubleshoot

Site survey & inspection to check on your air-conditioning problems. We offer expert advice & best repair options allowing you to make the most informed decision

Aircon Promotion & Installation

We carry popular brands from Daikin  & Mitsubishi Electric. Check out our promotions to get the best available deals for each month

Working Hours: 8am–7pm (Monday – Saturday)

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Jetsyle Aircon – Leader in Jetwash Technology

Our tried and proven techniques, coupled with experienced and professional aircon specialists, combine to provide effective and efficient solutions for all your air conditioning needs.

No matter what type or brand of aircon you are using, no matter the installation difficulties, we have a solution for it. Experience cool, clean and healthty air for yourself today!

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