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Jet Flushing Aircon Drainage Pipe

Pressure Jet Flushing on your aircon drainage pipe to clear out any blockages, which prevent smooth functioning of your aircon. These are a major cause of any leaks, or will cause prevent your aircon from providing cool air.

Check out the images to see what can happen and accumulate in your drainage pipe if not properly taken care of.

Let us help you clear out anything that hampers your aircon’s performance!

What Do We Do?

Pressure Jet Wash

Full Removal Of Jelly

Preventive Maintenance

Area Kept Dry

Key Benefits

Pressure Jet Wash

Pressure Jet Wash ensures that all dirty substances, contaminants, and residue are fully washed away from the drainage pipe, paving the way for cool, clean air.

Fully Removes All Jelly

Jelly will grow and accumulate inside the drainage pipe, hampering performance and causing problems. Pressure Jet Wash will fully flush out all jelly from the drainage pipes! 

Preventive Maintenance

All these clogs and blockages will cause multiple and severe problems with maintenance and future usage. Clear it our for a smoother experience both for the short and long term. 

Area Kept Dry

No matter where your aircon is installed, or the accessibility of the area, we know how to ensure our water catchment equipment will contain all the water. Let us show you how! 

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