Jetwash Servicing

JetWash Servicing

Signature JetWash Servicing is designed to thoroughly eliminate any form or dirt, dust, and mold from all the working parts of your air conditioner. Using high pressure jet will ensure that your aircon is spick and span, and in tip-top condition, reducing any maintenance headaches down the line.

We will dismantle the parts of your aircon and use JetWash on the parts, ensuring that every part is carefully cleaned.

Pamper yourself with healthy air through our JetWash Servicing today!

What Do We Do?

Dismantle the cover, drainage tray and blower wheel

Wash all the parts of the unit by pressure jet

JetWash the evaporator coil

Clean up the electronic circuit board

JetFlush the drainage pipe by pressure jet

Check compressor suction and discharge gas pressure

Test the operation of the air conditioning unit

Key Benefits

Prevent Sweating Insulation & Condensation

Pressure Jet Wash helps to prevent any insulation or condensation issues from bogging down your aircon’s performance.

The lack of chemicals will ensure that your evaporator coil does not erode. This method is approved for regular maintenance.

Helps to prevent any fungi, mould or bacteria growth in your air conditioner, producing clean and healthy air.

Our thorough cleaning helps to make your environment asthma and allergy friendly.

The increase in cooling effect will in turn directly allow your air conditioner to consume lesser electricity, leading to more savings!

We will be able to reduce the ‘huffing’ noises made by the fan blower. Enjoy a quieter and more peaceful surrounding.

Able to thoroughly flush out any jelly buildup inside your drainage pipe with pressure jet 

Able to wash the blower without brushing.

We are confident in our technical expertise. We will provide 90 Days workmanship warranty to keep your peace of mind!

Technician Cleaning Dirty Home Air Conditioner
Air Coniditioner Cleaning With Water Spray
Washing Dirty Air Conditioner Components
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General Aircon Servicing Rates




1 x Fan Coil units

2 x Fan Coil units

$85.00 nett

$70.00 nett/ per Unit

*including top up gas
*High Pressure Jetflush drainage pipe

*90 days warranty for workmanship

*Only $90.00 for your first Jet Wash Condensing Unit
(when you engage any of our service)

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