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Jetstyle Aircon provides office & commercial air conditioning services to all types of businesses in Singapore. With years of experience in aircon servicing & maintenance, our team of technicians are equipped with both the expertise and tools needed for the service and maintenance of your air conditioning system.

Our technicians are sent for training on a regular basis to be kept up to date with the latest aircon technology and regulatory framework ensuring safety and quality of work.

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Unparalleled Experience In the commercial and office space with more than 10 years of experience

Over 1,000 Installations since our commercial aircon installation

Up-to-date with the latest aircon technology and regulatory framework in Singapore

Building & Construction Authority(BCA) Certified Aircon Contractor

Commercial and Industrial Aircon Services

Jetstyle Aircon offers a wide range of commercial aircon services ranging from commercial aircon servicing, aircon repair to aircon cleaning and maintenance for all brands of centralised air conditioning units.

Our aircon maintenance contract is suitable for all office, commercial and industrial areas. Our aircon maintenance contract covers quarterly aircon servicing with an inspection to avoid any major problems that can occur to your air conditioning.

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Commercial Aircon installation

Centralized ducted commercial air conditioning is usually found in bigger offices where access to the compressor, as its name suggests, is connected via ducted pipes. While this is a more expensive option, it is considered the most suitable type of air conditioning for larger premises with mostly limited window access. Centralized ducted commercial air conditioning can produce a perfect balance of temperature and humidity throughout the entire area. One of the main reasons why large office and commercial space uses a centralize ducted air conditioning is that the noise produced from the air conditioning is reduced to toning down any noise pollution while remaining out of sight and still maintaining cooling and quality air in the building. Our Commercial Aircon Installation Expertise: Design and Installation of VRF Aircon Systems. Design and Installation of Ceiling Cassette Aircon. Design and Installation of Wall Mount Aircon Our reliability and expertises have gained us the reputation of the best aircon installation in Singapore by always delivering quality workmanship and timing schedule.

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Routine Aircon Servicing & Maintenance

Our Aircon Servicing and Maintenance will ensure that your commercial and industrial air conditioning remains at an optimal level throughout the year. Our team will inspect and service your air conditioning periodically in order to detect any malfunctioning parts that require replacement and repairs in order to avoid any disruption in your day-to-day work and unexpected expensive aircon repair costs.

Check out our contract aircon servicing that we provide for our office and commercial customers.

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Commercial Aircon Repair

Are you facing a water leak in your office or suddenly, there is no cold air blowing from your air conditioning? These are signs you want to get your air conditioning inspected and repaired. Our team of aircon technicians are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to solve any air conditioning faults you may be experiencing. Engage us at Jetstyle Aircon Servicing Singapore, your trusted and reliable commercial aircon services partner. Our Centralize Ducted Air Conditioning Expertise: Design and Installation of Centralized Ducted Air Conditioning Servicing & Maintenance of Centralized Ducted Air Conditioning Inspection & Repairing of Centralized Ducted Air Conditioning

Office & Commercial Air Conditioning In Singapore

Cassette Air Conditioning

Ceiling cassette commercial air conditioning, as its name suggests, is installed on the ceiling. This type of commercial air conditioning is sufficient for most small offices. The cassette air conditioning relies on its two to four sides to circulate cool air across the rooms ensuring comfort for the people inside. On top of being an effective cooling option for your office, cassette air conditioning is an energy-efficient option and does not have unwanted ducting in sight. Our Cassette Air Conditioning Expertise: Design and Installation of Cassette Air Conditioning. Servicing & Maintenance of Cassette Air Conditioning. Inspection & Repairing of Cassette Air Conditioning.

Casette Air Conditioning

VRV & VRV Air Conditioning

Both VRV and VRF air conditioning are similar air conditioning systems but differ mainly in their name and technical design. Most commonly found VRV and VRF Air Conditioning in Singapore operate on an ACMV system.

Our VRV / VRF Air Conditioning Expertise:-

Mitsubishi VRF Air Conditioning Services:

Design and Installation of Mitsubishi VRF Aircon Systems.
Inspection & Repair of Mitsubishi VRF Aircon Systems.
Cleaning & Servicing of Mitsubishi VRF Aircon Systems.

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Daikin VRV Air Conditioning

Design and Installation of Daikin VRV Aircon Systems.
Inspection & Repair of Daikin VRV Aircon Systems.
Cleaning & Servicing of Daikin VRV Aircon Systems.

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