General AC Cleaning

General Aircon Cleaning

General Aircon Cleaning is recommended for all air-conditioning.

The right way of conducting aircon cleaning helps to protect your air conditioner from dust, mould, and bacteria, and also helps to prevent the air conditioner from developing water leakage problems. Thus, it really pays to invest in regular aircon cleaning to keep your AC running well.

Keeping your air conditioner in normal operating conditions reduces the need for expensive part replacement and prolongs the lifespan of your air conditioner. Our general aircon cleaning uses JetWash technology to completely clean all detachable parts.

In addition, if you are confused as to what kind of service is suitable for your air conditioning, you can be rest assured that if you need aircon cleaning services other than general servicing, our professional technical staff will explain the right type of aircon services on the spot, and help you to reduce unnecessary costs.

Expert Aircon Cleaning: What to Expect

General Washing the aircon covers and filters

Vacuum and clean the indoor evaporator coil

Dismantle and wash drainage tray

Dismantle and wash blower wheel

Vacuum the drainage system

Check compressor suction and discharge gas pressure

Test the operation of the air conditioning unit

Why Do Normal AC Cleaning

Pressure Jet Wash

Pressure Jet Wash ensures that all dirty substances, contaminants, and residue are fully washed away from the aircon’s working parts, paving the way for cool, clean air.

Regular upkeep and maintenance of your aircon provides better air quality for you and your loved ones! 

Our experienced technicians will ensure that not only your aircon will be spick and span, but also prevents any water leaking headaches now and in future! 

Let us help you ensure that your air conditioner will be in great working condition for a long time to come! 

We are confident in our technical expertise. We will provide 90 Days workmanship warranty to keep your peace of mind! 

Jetstyle Aircon Servicing Benefits 1
Jetstyle Aircon Servicing Benefits 2

Contract Aircon Servicing

Getting an aircon maintenance subscription can save you the hassle of paying big for every kind of service your aircon needs. We provide affordable and reliable aircon maintenance contracts for our clients. Jetstyle Aircon Servicing, we provide a wide range of aircon services which include general aircon servicing, chemical overhaul & aircon repair.

Rely on Jetstyle Aircon Servicing for superb aircon maintenance that will be worth the investment. Having worked with thousands of customers and gotten high client satisfaction over the years, we are one of the preferred Aircon Servicing in Singapore or many of our residential, commercial, and industrial customers

Many homeowners in Singapore have more than 1 aircon unit and it has become an essential but tedious process to constantly provide aircon maintenance for the entire system in your household.

The purpose of an aircon servicing / aircon maintenance contract is to ensure that at a fixed period around the year, our aircon professionals will contact you to arrange an appointment to come by and clean your home aircon. With an aircon maintenance contract, you will not need to worry about missing routine maintenance for your air conditioner. In the same way, it will save you from the trouble of finding cash for the services right when you need them. Advance paying means no service interruption!

On top of that, our aircon professionals will inspect your aircon and advise on any parts that require changes due to wear and tear as a preventive maintenance to ensure your aircon runs smoothly. Book our aircon maintenance contract today!

Our Contract Aircon Servicing is suitable for all types of aircon and is also suitable for both commercial and residential unit.

By engaging us for your contract aircon servicing, our team of professional aircon servicing technicians will drop by your place quarterly to service and clean your aircon while at the same time, conduct and thorough inspection on your aircon system to make sure that it is running at it’s optimal level.

General Aircon Cleaning Rates

No. Of Aircon Units

One Time Service

Quarterly General Servicing
(4 X P.A)

1 X Fan Coil Unit

2 X Fan Coil Unit

3 X Fan Coil Unit

4 X Fan Coil Unit

5 X Fan Coil Unit

6 X Fan Coil Unit

$55.00 nett

$70.00 nett

$90.00 nett

$120.00 nett

$150.00 nett

$180.00 nettt

$180.00 nett

$240.00 nett

$300.00 nett

$400.00 nett

$500.00 nett

$600.00 nett

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