Reasons Why Your Aircon Has A Weird Odour

Why Does My Aircon Smell? The Weird Odour Explained

There is nothing you would like more than turning on your air conditioner to rest and relax after coming home from a hot, humid, and tiring day. Unfortunately, you notice a stench emanating from the aircon as soon as you turn it on. So why is this happening? Let us share the possible reasons for the unpleasant smell.

Reason #1: You have not serviced your aircon for some time

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If you have not scheduled aircon maintenance for some time, there may be excess moisture and humidity building up within the AC unit. When this happens, mould and mildew may start to form. In particular, the fan blower, filters, tubes, and evaporator coils are significant hotspots for growth.

The growth of mould and mildew causes a stale or musty smell to emanate from your aircon. Prolonged exposure to the unpleasant smell can cause health issues, such as asthma and worsening respiratory conditions.

Reason #2: Fried aircon circuitry and components

Your AC unit has its fair share of components and circuitry. And like any electrical appliance, faults can occur. Issues with the aircon’s electrical wires, fans, or motors due to overheating, a buildup of dust, water damage, or a myriad of problems can cause electrical components to wear out over time. Hence, causing mechanical failures that lead to a short circuit.

When this happens, you will detect a burning odour coming from your AC unit. In the worst-case scenario, there may even be smoke. If either situation happens, shut down your aircon immediately and contact an aircon service provider as soon as possible.

Reason #3: Your aircon is leaking

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Aircons produce moisture as part of the cooling process. When the system functions correctly, the moisture will be collected in a drip pan before flowing down a drain line or being pumped safely outdoors.

However, several issues, like clogged air filters, damaged condensation pump, and clogged drain line, can prevent moisture from being drained from the unit, resulting in your aircon leaking water. When a significant amount of water starts leaking, you may detect a musty smell akin to the stench of dirty socks.

This is why it is crucial for you to schedule regular aircon maintenance. By engaging an aircon service provider to clean your unit, you can prevent common issues that cause an aircon leak.

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Reason #4: Oil leak

Your aircon contains a motor, which requires lubrication to operate efficiently. But occasionally, the oil could leak, causing the central unit to overheat. As a result, the oil burns and produces a smell similar to exhaust fumes. This odour is unpleasant and can cause health problems. So contact an aircon service provider immediately if you detect this stench.

Reason #5: Presence of foreign materials

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Sometimes, the foul odour emanating from your aircon may not indicate a problem with the unit itself but the presence of foreign material. For example, pests such as lizards, cockroaches, and rats could have snuck into the fan coil unit or aircon duct before dying inside, causing a rotting smell.

Alternatively, if you smoke at home or cook regularly, the evaporator coil and filter may absorb the odour from the cigarette smoke or cooking fumes lingering in the air when you turn on your aircon. These embedded air particles are then redirected into your home through the vents, producing an unpleasant smell.

Reason #6: Gas leak

The stench of rotten eggs bears many similarities to natural gases. So if you notice a similar odour coming from your aircon, it is likely a gas leak, specifically Methyl Mercaptan. Gas leaks can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, it is imperative that you turn off the unit, open the windows to ventilate the area, and contact an aircon service provider immediately.

Reason #7: Your aircon has been turned on for too long

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Even machines require rest. When your aircon is turned on for long stretches, and the window is closed, there is inadequate ventilation in the room. As a result, there is a high level of humidity indoors, causing a sour smell to emanate from the aircon. This issue is exacerbated when you dry your clothes or towels with the AC unit switched on.

Reason #8: Ruptured sewer vent pipe or dirty floor trap

There are several reasons that could cause your AC unit to smell like raw sewage. A ruptured sewer vent pipe or a backed-up sewer line near the ductwork are the most likely causes. Another possible explanation is a dirty floor trap. When it is left unwashed for a long time, the stench can enter the aircon drain pipe, causing your aircon to smell like a sewer.

Hopefully, what we shared has provided you with answers as to why your air conditioner smells unpleasant. If you detect any unusual stench coming from your AC unit, you should contact a technician as soon as possible. They can identify the cause of the odour and recommend the best solution to fix the problem.

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