9 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Your Aircon

9 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Your Aircon

Operating an air conditioner may appear straightforward. Nevertheless, it remains a complex machine that depends on the correct functioning of its various components. And any mistake in the aircon installation process can severely impact its performance. So if you have recently bought a new aircon, we recommend checking out the top mistakes to avoid during installation.

Mistake #1: Wrong aircon size

Many assume a larger aircon will cool a room better. However, that is incorrect. Installing an oversized AC unit will result in inadequate humidity control, high operation costs, and uncomfortable temperature changes. Conversely, choosing a system that is undersized can lead to insufficient cooling, high energy bills, and a shorter equipment lifespan.

So as you can see, choosing the correct aircon size is paramount. We recommend contacting a reliable aircon contractor to conduct a load circulation before purchasing your aircon. They will inspect your home and check for insulation to determine the required cooling capacity.

Mistake #2: Inadequate insulation

Poor insulation can lead to inefficient cooling and increased energy bills. So when insulating your window AC unit, it is essential that the open areas between the top and bottom window panes are filled with insulating foam.

If you are using split system aircon, please ensure the correct-sized ducts are installed, as improperly sealed ducts can cause cold air to leak, increasing the workload on the unit.

Lastly, do check on the quality and dimensions of your insulation materials. The copper pipe thickness must be above 0.71mm, the insulation thickness must be above 12.7mm, and the drainage pipe must be above 16mm.

Mistake #3: Wrong aircon positioning

Wrong aircon positioning Aircon Singapore

Ensure your aircon is installed in the correct position, as its positioning can influence its energy efficiency. You can consider placing the unit in a shady location to prevent uneven cooling and increased energy consumption. When the technician installs the outdoor unit, please check that it is slightly tilted towards the back to enable proper drainage.

Please note the size, dimension, and placement of the fan coil unit (FCU) too, and ensure it fits your room like a glove, with sufficient clearance space (at least 75mm or more) to allow for adequate airflow. The wrong placement and dimensions could obstruct any furniture or cabinetry, impact the airflow, and cause temperature imbalances in the room.

Mistake #4: FCU’s and compressor’s horsepower are undersized

The FCU’s purpose is to distribute cool air throughout the room. Meanwhile, the compressor is responsible for cooling the refrigerant in the aircon. Both components have a crucial role to play in cooling a room. So if either part is undersized, users may experience inadequate cooling and increased energy consumption.

Because both components are working harder to cool the room, the AC unit will experience more wear and tear, resulting in higher repair costs. Therefore, we recommend selecting an AC unit with an appropriately-sized FCU and compressor for optimal performance.

Mistake #5: Wrong outdoor condenser unit size/weight

Another common mistake many homeowners make is choosing the wrong outdoor condenser unit. This component is usually placed outside the window, and the cool air is blown into the room through the front of the unit. To install the unit, the window sash is typically lifted out of the window frame, and the air conditioning unit is placed in the window frame.

However, it may be challenging or impossible to lift the condenser unit out of the window frame for installation if the component is too large or heavy and cannot fit into the allocated space. The technician will require a crane, boom lift, or scissors lift to hoist the component up for installation.

Furthermore, the stainless steel bracket or ledge might not be able to support the condenser unit’s weight. So please ensure you choose a quality stainless steel bracket that is sturdy and durable enough to contain your outdoor condenser unit. Doing so also helps minimise the risk of rust and breakage.

Mistake #6: Hiring an unqualified technician


Aircon installation is a delicate process requiring technical expertise and experience. While hiring an inexperienced and unqualified technician may be cheaper, you risk incorrect installation, which can lead to system failure, increased energy consumption, and higher repair costs in the future. So only hire a qualified BCA-trained technician to install your AC unit. You can check out online reviews or seek referrals from friends and relatives to ensure you engage the services of a qualified aircon contractor.

Mistake #7: Incorrect power system

Every aircon unit requires a specific energy level to operate efficiently. Installing the incorrect plug socket or isolator may cause power trips, as there is insufficient energy to power the aircon system. We recommend checking with your aircon contractor to ensure the electrical system is appropriately sized and can support the AC unit’s power requirements.

Mistake #8: Not checking if the drain line has a gradient

Your aircon will produce condensation during operation, which must be drained properly to prevent water leakage. If the drain line has an insufficient gradient, water may accumulate in the drain pain, which can overflow and cause water damage to the aircon. Additionally, stagnant water in the drain line can promote mould and bacteria growth, affecting indoor air quality and posing health risks to your family.

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Mistake #9: Wrong thermostat positioning

Wrong thermostat positioning

You may be unaware that the positioning of your thermostat can affect your aircon’s performance, but it is true. The incorrect positioning of the wire remote panel can cause inaccurate temperature readings and inefficient cooling, thus reducing its lifespan. Therefore, we recommend placing the thermostat away from any heat sources.

As you can see, plenty of things can go wrong during the installation process. Therefore, we recommend hiring a reliable and experienced aircon contractor to install your aircon if you wish to avoid these mistakes, which can end up damaging your aircon and costing you a fortune in repair costs.

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