Aircon Maintenance Guide Should You Repair Or Replace Your Aircon

Aircon Maintenance Guide: Should You Repair Or Replace Your Aircon?

When your trusty air conditioning unit starts acting up, you may find yourself faced with a common dilemma: should you repair the system or replace the unit outright? The correct decision will depend on your unique circumstances, with various factors and points of view to assess. To help you find the best solution to keep you cool and comfortable, let us share the questions to ask yourself to determine whether you should repair or replace your aircon.

Question #1: How old is your aircon?

Aircon Maintenance-How old is your aircon

Like other household appliances, the lifespan of an aircon is limited. Generally, a unit will have a lifespan of around 15 to 25 years. That number could be even lower if the system is not maintained regularly – its lifespan can be as short as 10 years. If your aircon is approaching this landmark, you will notice breakdowns occurring more frequently as the components reach the end of their lifespans. In this case, investing in a new replacement is more cost-effective.

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Question #2: Is your aircon well-maintained?

Aircon Maintenance-Is your aircon well-maintained

Typically, issues with our aircon develop over time due to a lack of maintenance and upkeep. So if you have been maintaining your unit diligently, it is unlikely to encounter significant problems. Any issue that arises can usually be resolved with an  aircon repair performed by a skilled technician, and the unit will continue performing optimally as it ages.

Conversely, a lack of proper care can place significant strain on the aircon, resulting in recurring problems. As a result, you may find it is more practical to replace your unit and put more effort into maintaining the new system. Remember, an aircon lacking regular servicing cannot cool a home efficiently.

Question #3: How much does the repair cost?

Aircon Maintenance-How much does the repair cost

Of course, the cost is an essential factor. Some aircon repairs are simple and straightforward. However, if the problem is significant, you could be staring at an amount that exceeds your initial budget. In such instances, investing in a new unit may be financially wiser.

When making a comparison, it is wise to ensure you have the complete picture. You should not only look at how much you are spending upfront. You also need to consider the amount you can save over time. With a newer, more efficient model lowering the cost of your electricity bills, you may find that replacing your unit is more cost-effective.

Question #4: Is your current aircon meeting your cooling needs?

Aircon Maintenance-Is your current aircon meeting your cooling needs

How well is your current aircon meeting your cooling needs? If you were happy with its performance prior to issues cropping up, you will likely continue feeling satisfied after an aircon repair. However, you may find that it is best to start looking at better options if you notice the system is already struggling to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Question #5: Are you planning to move in the near future?

Aircon Maintenance-Are you planning to move in the near future


Your future plans could impact your decision on whether to repair or replace your aircon. For example, it is more practical to opt for aircon repairs to keep your current unit operable until you relocate if you plan to move soon. In contrast, if you are settling in for the long haul, investing in a new, energy-efficient aircon can enhance the comfort of your home in the years to come.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when deciding whether to repair or replace your aircon. Instead, your decision depends on several factors. So keep what we shared in mind when assessing your unique circumstances. Doing so can help you decide on the best solution moving forward.

However, if you are unsure of your next step, hire a professional to assess your aircon. They can tell you more about the issues with your system and what your next step should be. So if your aircon is giving you problems, do not hesitate to contact Jetstyle Aircon today to have your unit examined. With our vast experience in aircon maintenance, we can provide you with the best solutions to address your needs.

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