5 Signs That Indicate You Need To Get an Aircon Gas Top Up

5 Signs That Indicate You Need To Get an Aircon Gas Top Up

As a homeowner, you should always keep a look out for your aircon’s refrigerant level. When the refrigerant is low, your AC unit will struggle to produce cold air and reach your desired temperature level. But how do you know when to contact an aircon contractor for a gas refill? Fret not; we are here to help! Let us share the warning signs that indicate it may be time to get an aircon gas top-up.

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Sign #1: Weak airflow

Weak airflow-Aircon contractor Singapore

The refrigerant plays a vital role in absorbing heat and circulating cold air to your room. Naturally, the cooling process becomes compromised when the refrigerant is running low. As a result, you will notice your aircon failing to provide the desired cooling effect, or worse, producing warm air. So if your aircon is not cold, it is time to schedule a technician to check on the refrigerant level and perform a top-up if necessary.

Sign #2: The aircon turns on and off constantly

Do you notice your aircon turning on and off constantly during usage? In that case, it may indicate that the unit is low on refrigerant. When this happens, your aircon will often exhibit frequent on-off cycles (known as short cycling). This issue occurs because the system cannot achieve the desired cooling level, causing it to shut off prematurely. The unit then turns back on to compensate, only to repeat the cycle continuously.

Short cycling not only hampers the cooling process. It will also place additional strain on the compressor and other components, potentially leading to further damage. Therefore, it is imperative to get a gas top-up as soon as possible. When the gas is refilled, the system should resume normal functions. However, if the problem persists, you should contact an aircon servicing company to inspect the unit and rectify the issue.

Sign #3: The aircon is leaking water

The aircon is leaking water-Aircon contractor Singapore

When the refrigerant level is low, vaporisation becomes incomplete and ineffective. The result? Vapours convert into liquid and flow straight out of the AC unit, resulting in your aircon leaking water. However, the issue may also be caused by a busted compressor, broken coils, or dirty air filters. So we recommend hiring an aircon contractor to diagnose the problem.

Sign #4: Ice deposits forming on the evaporator

The evaporator coils can become too cold when the refrigerant is insufficient, causing condensates to freeze and form ice. As a result, the ice restricts the airflow and impedes the cooling process. So if you observe frost or ice buildup on your aircon coils, you should hire a professional aircon service to check the refrigerant levels and replenish it immediately. A timely gas top-up will prevent further ice formation, restore proper airflow, and enhance overall aircon performance.

Sign #5: Drop in aircon performance

Drop in aircon performance-Aircon contractor Singapore

Have you been tweaking your aircon setting in recent weeks, adjusting the temperatures lower and the fan speed to the maximum? It might not necessarily be due to the hot weather. Instead, your aircon may be plagued with reduced cooling efficiency and longer cooling cycles, causing it to underperform.

Poor performance is usually a sign of low refrigerant levels, as the aircon struggles to maintain the desired temperature, resulting in longer running times and higher energy consumption. Additionally, the unit may fail to reach the desired set temperature, leaving you uncomfortable and frustrated.

So if you have trouble identifying the cause of your aircon’s poor performance, the issue may be due to a lack of gas. By hiring an aircon contractor to refill the refrigerant promptly, you can restore your aircon’s performance and regain the optimal cooling experience.

Have you experienced any of these warning signs? In that case, you should contact a qualified aircon contractor immediately. By addressing these issues promptly, you can ensure that your aircon functions optimally, keeping you cool and comfortable in Singapore’s hot and humid climate.

Fortunately, you do not have to search far for a reliable aircon servicing company. At Jetstyle Aircon, we provide a comprehensive range of aircon services at affordable prices, including cleaning, repair, and maintenance. Do not hesitate to contact us today if your aircon is causing problems. Our team will have the issue resolved in no time flat!

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