4 Common Aircon Problems You Should Be Aware Of

4 Common Aircon Problems You Should Be Aware Of

Given Singapore’s hot and humid climate, what would we do without our air conditioners? So as we approach the dreaded May/June period, when the average monthly temperature is at its highest, the last thing you want is for problems to surface, causing your AC unit to stop functioning correctly. Therefore, it is essential for you to understand the common aircon problems and how to address them to prevent these issues from cropping up when you need your aircon the most.

Problem #1: Aircon is not turning on

Aircon is not turning on-Aircon Singapore

There are various explanations as to why your aircon is not turning on. We recommend inspecting your thermostat batteries first to check if the batteries still have sufficient charge. Replace them if they are out of power. Subsequently, attempt to switch on your AC unit again.

However, if the aircon is still not turning on after replacing the batteries, it could be a sign of a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. If it is the former, reset your circuit breaker by flipping the switch off and turning it on again. Meanwhile, the latter problem might require you to contact an electrician to replace the blown fuse.

If none of the above attempts seems to fix the issue, it is likely your thermostat is defective. You will have to contact your aircon manufacturer so that they can dispatch a technician to repair or replace the faulty device.

Problem #2: Aircon is not blowing cold air

 Aircon is not blowing cold air-Aircon not cold

There are few things more uncomfortable than an AC unit that dispenses warm air. So if your aircon is not cold, the first thing you should do is check the thermostat to verify the settings were not accidentally switched.

If the settings are not the issue, the likely cause is a clogged air filter. A dirty air filter can block the airflow of your aircon and freeze up the condenser unit, limiting the cooling power of your AC unit. So remember to change the air filters monthly to ensure your aircon continues delivering cold air to your room.

Your aircon not blowing cold air could also be a sign that it is running low on refrigerant. To test this, inspect the larger of the two copper lines that go into the unit’s condenser. If it is cold and moist to the touch, everything is good. If not, it indicates the refrigerant level is low. You will have to contact a professional to refill the refrigerant.

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Problem #3: Loud noise emanating from the aircon

Loud noise emanating from the aircon-Aircon Singapore

You should only feel your aircon working, not hear it too. Furthermore, loud noise is probably the last thing you want when trying to get some restful sleep. There are different reasons why there is noise emanating from your aircon. So it would be helpful to first figure out what issue is plaguing your aircon.

Pay close attention to the sound produced, as it can often indicate the primary cause of the noise:

  • A refrigerant leak will generate a hissing sound;
  • A screeching noise likely means a faulty compressor or fan motor;
  • Banging, rattling, or thumping noises indicate there is an issue with the blower or motor assembly;
  • If your aircon has a relay problem, you will hear clicking sounds when turning the unit on and off;
  • Faulty electrical components produce a buzzing sound.

Whatever the cause of the noise, we recommend hiring an aircon contractor to inspect the unit. You might get lucky, and it is just a loose air filter rattling when the blowers turn on. Or the cause might be a faulty component that needs replacing, which requires the expertise of a professional.

Problem #4: Aircon leaking water

Aircon leaking water-Aircon Singapore


The process involved in cooling your room means that a fair amount of fluid and condensation will be present in your AC unit. With that said, excessive fluid leakage is indicative of a severe problem with your aircon. So if your aircon is leaking water, you should contact an aircon contractor immediately.

This problem could be caused by a faulty condensate pump or a clogged aircon drainage pipe. The former is responsible for detecting when the water in the pump reservoir reaches a specific level. Once that occurs, it will be triggered to drain the water out. So if the device malfunctions, it cannot pump the water out of the AC unit efficiently. Subsequently, the water will accumulate in the air conditioning system and eventually overflow.

Meanwhile, if the drainage pipe becomes clogged with debris or dirt, the water cannot pass through the pipe and will accumulate in the drain pan. As the drain pan fills up, the water will eventually overflow and leak from the aircon, causing significant water damage to floors, walls, and other surfaces in your home.

Fortunately, these issues can be prevented by scheduling regular aircon servicing to maintain and clean your AC unit, preventing dust and dirt from clogging the vital components. The aircon contractor will also replace any faulty parts detected during inspection to ensure the aircon continues operating without a hitch.

Are you unsure why your aircon is not working efficiently or how to fix the issue? Well, fret not! Jetstyle Aircon is here to provide quality cleaning and maintenance services to meet all your air conditioning needs. Our experienced technicians will diagnose the issue and get your AC unit up and running again in no time flat. Contact us today to learn more about our prices and services.

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