7 Signs That Indicate Your Aircon Needs Cleaning

7 Signs That Indicate Your Aircon Needs Cleaning

Like any appliance, your air conditioner requires regular maintenance to operate efficiently. But how often is “regular”? Fortunately, you need not be an expert to make that call. It is about paying attention to the tell-tale signs. Let us share what you should look for to indicate your aircon needs cleaning.

Sign #1: Your electricity bills are spiking

Your electricity bills are spiking-Aircon maintenance Singapore

Any object is bound to be covered in dust and cobwebs if you leave it untouched for some time. This is also true for your aircon. Over time, the components, such as the fan coil unit (FCU) and air filter, will accumulate dirt, dust, and other impurities, preventing your aircon from functioning efficiently.

However, how can you tell the internal components are choked full of grime? The most obvious sign will be a spike in your electricity bills. Since your aircon is not functioning efficiently, it will consume more power to cool a room. So if your electricity bill appears more expensive than usual, it may be time to schedule an aircon maintenance.

Sign #2: The external vents are covered in mould and mildew

Sometimes, it is not dust and dirt but mould and mildew that are impeding the airflow and causing your aircon to work harder than usual. So check your external air vents for any fungal growth. If you spot any mould or mildew, it is time for a thorough aircon cleaning. By the time this microbial contamination is visible, there is a significant possibility the inside of the machine is riddled with harmful spores.

Sign #3: The aircon is not blowing cold air

The aircon is not blowing cold air-Aircon cleaning Singapore

Do you still feel sweaty and stuffy despite adjusting your aircon to a low temperature with the fan speed set to high? In that case, the air filters might be clogged, or there is a refrigerant leak. These issues can prevent the aircon unit from removing the heat and humidity from the air effectively, leading to a hot and humid indoor environment. You may want to schedule a technician to perform aircon maintenance to resolve such issues.

Sign #4: There is water leaking from the aircon

There is a myriad of reasons why your aircon could be leaking water. The leak may originate from a clogged FCU or drain line. If it is the former, you must hire a technician to clear the blockages. If it is the latter, you should unclog the drain line and clean it regularly to prevent this issue.

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Sign #5: There is a foul odour coming from the aircon

There is a foul odour coming from the aircon-Aircon cleaning Singapore

One of the last things you want when you switch on the aircon is to stink up your room. Unfortunately, when the drain pan is not cleaned regularly, it can clog up and create the ideal environment for mould and mildew to form, resulting in an unpleasant musty odour emanating from your unit.

The foul smell could also be caused by a dead insect or rodent, as the body is trapped within the unit and decomposes over time. This is why regular aircon cleaning is essential to eliminating unpleasant odours and improving indoor air quality.

Sign #6: It has been at least 6 months since the aircon was last cleaned

In hot and humid Singapore, it is unsurprising that many people utilise their aircon frequently. If you are one of many who cannot stand Singapore’s climate, we recommend scheduling aircon maintenance at least once every six months. Over time, harmful dust, dirt, and microbial pollutants can accumulate in your aircon unit. Regular cleaning is a surefire way to prevent respiratory issues and costly repairs in the future.

Sign #7: Noisy aircon unit

Noisy aircon unit-Cheap aircon servicing Singapore

Is your restful sleep constantly interrupted by an unusual huffing, wheezing, or rattling sound emanating from your aircon? In that case, it is best to investigate the issue quickly since these noises may worsen if the problem remains unresolved. There could be a loose fan, bolt, or panel, or the coil fins may require a thorough cleaning due to dust and debris building up on the component. Thankfully, regular aircon maintenance can prevent these issues and enhance your aircon performance.

Have you spotted any of these tell-tale signs recently? If you answer yes, it is time to contact a reliable technician to maintain your aircon. And you do not have to look far to find one! At Jetstyle Aircon, we provide cheap aircon servicing for various types of air conditioners. Do not hesitate to contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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