6 Reasons To Get A Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner System

6 Reasons To Get A Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner System

In hot and humid Singapore, we cannot live without our aircon. So whether you are a homeowner or an entrepreneur, you will definitely be looking to purchase a brand-new AC system when you move into your new home or office.

However, what is your best option, given the numerous options on the market? If you are finding it tough to decide, may we suggest a ceiling cassette? Read on to learn why this AC system might be perfect for your needs.

Reason #1: It is suitable for various spaces

Ceiling cassettes are unique from other AC systems because they are not situated in your window or on the wall. Instead, they are mounted on your ceiling. So the only part you will notice of the unit is the thin fascia panel. The other components, like the pipeline, wiring cable, and drainage pipe, are all concealed inside the ceiling.

As a result, this system boasts a compact size and does not require significant space to install, making them ideal for modest apartments or offices. Rest assured that these units work with most standard ceilings (suitable for ceiling heights around 2.7 to 5 metres). As such, you do not have to worry about your aircon taking up significant space and leaving you with little to no room for your furniture or equipment.

However, this is not to say that ceiling cassettes are only suitable for modest spaces. In fact, they are ideal for larger areas too! That is because wall-mounted systems usually feature a maximum BTU (British Thermal Unit) capacity of 24,000. Meanwhile, the highest BTU for ceiling cassettes goes up to 50,000.

What does this mean? Well, this measurement indicates how much energy an aircon utilises to remove heat from a room within an hour. Naturally, this means the higher the BTU, the faster the AC system can cool an area. So a ceiling cassette with a high BTU is ideal for bigger spaces with a higher number of people in the room.

Reason #2: It reaches a cool temperature quickly

It reaches a cool temperature quickly-ceiling cassettes

After spending time under the sun with the heat bearing down on you, there is probably nothing you would like more than rushing back to enjoy the cold breeze of your air-conditioned room. However, you may still have to sweat in an uncomfortable room while waiting for your aircon to reach the desired temperature.

Fortunately, this is less of an issue with ceiling cassettes. As we shared, particular models have a higher BTU than wall-mounted units, allowing them to cool a room much faster than most AC systems. Ceiling cassettes also contain an automatic fan that turns at an initial high speed so that your room reaches the optimum temperature quickly.

Reason #3: It circulates cold air to a wide area

The difference is apparent when comparing a wall-mounted aircon to a ceiling cassette. The latter features four-way airflow (front, rear, left, and right), allowing it to circulate cold air to every corner of the room. This means a ceiling cassette can cool a much wider area and ensure that every area of the room maintains your desired temperature. Conversely, you will require additional wall-mounted units to achieve the same result, incurring higher expenses.

Reason #4: It is energy efficient

It is energy efficient-ceiling cassette

Naturally, a ceiling cassette’s ability to reach your desired temperature quickly and circulate the cold air to a much wider area means you utilise less energy to cool your home or office. The thermostat and fan speed are also adjustable at will, allowing you to change the setting so that your unit does not have to work harder than it needs to. As a result, you can save more on your electricity bills.

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Reason #5: It can minimise clogging issues

Ceiling cassettes are ideal for properties where the drain outlet is located further away from the fan coil unit (FCU), as this system contains a built-in drain pump to release the accumulated condensate water. This feature reduces the dependence on the drain line to eliminate moisture build-up, thus minimising the risk of clogging problems, which can often occur with a long drain line.

Moreover, the system has a float switch that detects when the FCU water tray is reaching maximum capacity. So if the drain system is clogged, the system will prevent the FCU from functioning and alert the user to the problem via blinking light signals. Therefore, you do not have to worry about unexpected water drips below your AC unit.

Reason #6: It is quiet
It is quiet-ceiling cassette

Does the slightest sound affect your ability to work or attain restful sleep? In that case, you will be glad to learn that a ceiling cassette does its work quietly (more so than conventional units). The only sound you would probably notice is the flow of air. You may not even know it is there unless you look up at the ceiling.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to getting a ceiling cassette air conditioning system. So if you think a ceiling cassette is an ideal choice for your home or business, talk to our AC specialists today. As one of the best aircon installation services in Singapore, we can help you install your unit whenever you are ready. Our technicians have years of experience in the industry. So you can rest assured that the installation process will be seamless. No fuss, no muss. Contact us today to enquire about our prices and services.

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