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Daikin Air Conditioning

For more than 40 years, Daikin Singapore has been touching the lives of Singaporeans. Set up here in 1968, Daikin has mirrored the nation’s growth and gone on to achieve many firsts in Singapore.

When the nation’s Housing and Development Board (HDB) was paving the way to house Singaporeans of growing affluence, Daikin was the first to introduce multi-split air-conditioning systems to HDB homeowners. As businesses boomed, Daikin also introduced to the island in 1986, the world’s first super-efficient VRV® Systems for commercial buildings

Daikin is the leading brand for aircon in Singapore 

How Can We Help With Your Daikin Aircon Servicing & Repair ?

At Jetstyle Aircon Service, we provide a wide range of aircon services which includes general aircon servicing, chemical overhaul & aircon repair. We are a one stop daikin aircon service provider that offers competitive rates and comprehensive aircon services.

Our aircon service team have more than 10 years of experience and we provide sales & installation of daikin aircon.

Daikin Aircon Servicing Rates

No. of aircon units One time service Promotion
2 fan coil units $30 / unit 30 days warranty for workmanship
$80 for your first Jet Wash Condensing Unit
Free Aircon Gas Top Up
3 fan coil units $25 / unit

Daikin Aircon Repair Rates

Services Rendered Fees Description
Site Survey & Inspection $50 Waived Upon Engaging Us

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Came upon Jetstyle on fb, tried it for the 1st time and its outstanding. Thanks to Phillip and Chong for their amazing services.
Excellent service and quality, friendly and responsible teams
Amano 13
Amano 1.
Good quality service and the staff are friendly. The crew came earlier than expected and were efficient in their task. The pricing is reasonable too. Will recommend this company to others. Thanks!
Good job . Philip and Chong cleaned my 3units air con today 1st time. I'm very satisfied . Will definitely use jet wash again.
Super fast efficient professional team. Coordinate well with each other. Always make sure aircon runs well before they go and lastly affordable price..😁😀Definitely will continue with their team ...Thank you team 1 -kai/loi/ling
Technician Philip and Chong very friendly. Professional and explain why need service. Punctual. 👍😊 my aircon are clean now and fresh air 😉
Very punctual, knowledgeable and friendly. The 2 man team does a good, thorough job. Explains the merits of using water jet to clean the aircon. Makes good sense. No upselling or cross selling. Will recommend.
Thanks for the excellent service. This is my first time to engage their service. I have contacted Jetstyle to do my air con chemical overhaul cleaning on 28 Sep 2019.The technicians have done an excellent service. The air con is very clean and shining after their chemical overhaul cleaning. Very friendly and helpful technicians. I have a very bad experience in another air con service company few months ago which that company didn't clean properly and some black patch still in the fan coil after chemical overhaul . I will definitely recommend Jetstyle Air con service company to all of you for their excellent service. Thanks the technician Chong and Philip who have done the excellent job. 👍👍👍. I will continue engage their services in future for sure.
koh sally
koh S.
Just did 4 jet , 4 normal. 5 stars
Informative, friendly and professional servicemen - highly recommend!!! 🙌🙌
Rachel Lee
Rachel L.
Was fairly skeptic though, but decided to try. Is slightly more expensive than your normal servicing, but my air con does feels like new again. Air flow much stronger and cooler as well. May want to consider getting a yearly contract as it does save you some money.
3-yr old aircon system( 3 FCU + 1 condenser) Looks new, feels new, smells new, and performs like new again! Cleaned using pure pressurized water only. 👍🏼 the guys were very professional and passionate with their service. Good job! Would totally recommend! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Honest and very good and friendly service. Highly recommended.
Azmi Yunus Yunus
Azmi Yunus Y.
Excellent service hands down! Absolutely the best in delivery of service. The technicians who do the work are punctual, polite and very professional.
very good service. will sure make my aircon servicing with them again
Impeccable service! Will definitely use them in future!
Just serviced my 3 units of aircon and to be honest i’m very satisfied with their workmanship. Two of my aircon unit had this mouldy smell when i start to on the aircon. Philip, Ling and Loi did a very good job in jet washing all of the units and solving the issue! After the servicing, the aircon are like good as brand new! Will definitely engage them in servicing my aircon in the near future! Keep up the good work!! 👍👍💯
Excellent!!! & humble...very genuine... fantastic.. thank you so much Brian, Lim & Tiong.
Gurmit Kaur
Gurmit K.
great service will recommend to my friends
Great service by Philip and his team. Very fast & effective. 1st time using Jetstyle Wash. Highly recommended.
Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Amusing Jetwashing. Indeed an excellent job done by the team who is friendly and knowledgeable. Even provide an extra mile by helping to change the flexible piping (too short done by the previous contractor) Definitely will engage your the next servicing. Thank you.
Janice Cheah
Janice C.
Thanks Ling, the jet washing is very clean. I am impressed. Thanks for your professional advice too, will recommend your services to my friends.
Joe Chng
Joe C.
Engage them to do Jetwash for all my 3 aircon n compressor....very clean n like brand new.. staf Philip n Ling very friendly, knowledgeable n professional with the way the do their job.... great job guys.. 👍👍👍👍👍
It was my 1st time engaging their services. Kai, Brandon & Chong came to my house on 03/03/2019. They are very professional and friendly. They also explained patiently. I was really satisfied with their service and definitely will call them again whenever I needed.
royal orchid
royal O.
The best Aircon Service i ever know in SG is Jetstyle. They deliver what they promise and even more. Very nice and helpful team. Excellent in servicing our 3 room aircon.. Friendly boss and team. first time using jet spray and well job done ...amazingly cleaned. very recommended...👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Done the jet wash for one of my aircon today. Very satisfied as I see how the cleaning method made my aircon coil look so new again. Did also the jet wash for my compressor without a mess! Reasonable price too. Thank you and will engage you again soon for the rest of my units.
1st time using jet spray ac service, thumb up, very good, clean n fast. will engage their service for my next ac serving. highly recommend.
Today try their jet wash service.Lead by Philip , very good service and professional , after jet wash like new. 5 Stars
Very punctual and friendly service. .Aircon service and jet wash service by Ling & kai. Thank you.
Hasanga Wijesekara
Hasanga W.
Honest and effective. 1 trip solved my smelly aircon.👍🏻
was having a moldy smell from the aircon which is in use eveyday (kids room) and regular maintenance did not fix the issue at all. But JetStyle has resolve the issue with just one trip to my place to have it jetwashed. The staff can even advice us on how to maintain the aircon to have it mold free. The price is very reasonable and the best part is that they resolved my issue. ( great job for accommodating my urgent request by quickly coming down after 2days) Kudos to the team and I am sure I will be a regular customer.
Had my servicing done by ling & Philip. have to thank them for the good job. totally not messy and even explain on the process. now Aircon totally feel like new
Gd service and reasonable pricing for jet washing service for aircon.now aircon feel like brand new and air smell freshThank you philip and partner
Jet pressure servicing recommended for those whose fancoil can no long be clean by vaccuum. I took up jet pressure servicing for 2 units and 1 condensor unit. After servicing, the aircon was as cold as the first time i installed it. Recommended. May seems expensive but worth every cents spent.
good service n workmanshipvery detail in explanations would recommend to my friends n familythks ling n philip
Had my aircon and compressor service by Ling and Philip.Servicing was good as they takes time to do a thorough cleaning and share a lot on self maintenance on aircon.Definitely will use their service again.
Great service!!!! And very honest!!! Will definitely take their service again soon!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Serviced by Ling / Toon team . Great and thorough service . Good job and keep it up .
Provided excellent service and very efficient when performing chemical jet clean for 1 unit
Alvin Chong
Alvin C.
Ling & Chong are the Best Services Technician I ever meet up after trying so many other company. Best Cost & Top Service. Please try out Jetstyle.
Very honest and thoughtful engineers that came up for servicing, they even provided cloths to cover my stuff during the servicing.They explained how to verify if the aircon is out of gas and requires topping up when I asked about it. Most aircon servicing companies would lie to earn the extra cash but not JetStyle.Good work guys.
1st time engaging their services .Ah kai and Philip came to my house on 18/11 for 2 unit jetwash servicing.At first I was wondering how they pressure washing my aircon,final it was really opened my eyes and not wet and not messy.the aircon as clean and cold as new one.they also properly cleaned up the bathroom. I would say it is hassle free n with the friendly polite team.will definitely engage their brand new jetwash servicing again.Thumb up.keep your good work.
Queenie Ying
Queenie Y.
Very thorough air con servicing. They removed the blower to do external cleaning, which a lot of companies do not. They are very experienced service crews and I highly recommend their services to others who needed it!
Punctual and Friendly. Included 90 Days warranty which was great!Very honest and thoughtful engineers that came up for servicing, they even provided cloths to cover my stuff during the servicing.They explained how to verify if the aircon is out of gas and requires topping up when I asked about it. Most aircon servicing companies would lie to earn the extra cash but not JetStyle.
Very friendly and efficient. Fix my aircon leakage problem and advise me on future maintenance. First time write google review because of their great service.
Lucas Loh
Lucas L.
They came on the same day upon calling. Very professional work done. Didn't try to sell me anything unlike other contractors and still give me free gas top up. Very thank you to you
Jimmy Chai
Jimmy C.
Really not bad, unique since it's our first time trying out jetwash. Very clean with no chemical.
David Wong
David W.
100% highly recommended...the serviceman is really good and very experienced....hard to find this kind of sincere and committed serviceman that do a proper servicing especially not a common type such as my ceiling aircon...do a thorough job and also do their jetwash chemical cleaning with very appropriate price...never urged me to change any parts. thank you for the good servicing and will definitely come back if servicing needed again
Jason Chen
Jason C.
First time try out jet washing. So i ask a lot of questions and they paitently explain to me about jet wash technique and benefits. I am quite impressed jet washing can clean my aircon throughly. I was abit skeptical at first but they were intro by my fren so i try lor. Overall their cleaning were done very professionally. Very clean and nv make a mess. Also explain to me every steps they r doing. I like their service.
Samuel Lee
Samuel L.
1st time engaging their service. Khai n his team came to my house on 4th Nov 18. After assessing all my air-conditioning units, he advised me accordingly. Hence I took his advice. During the process of cleaning, he would explained to me on how they going to clean it. With jet wash on one of my rooms, it was hassle free. Not messy and the air conditioning unit is as clean as new one. Gas was top up and the unit is as cold as new. The team is very professional. After cleaning the air conditioning parts in the toilet, it was properly cleaned up. Throughout the process I would say it is hassle free n with the friendly team crews, I will definitely engage their service again... Thumb up!!! Keep up your good work Khai n his team!!!!
Professionalism is there when doing aircon servicing and chemical overhaul.. Will strongly recommend to hired their services..
PROS: What you see is what you get. The demonstrated video that they have shown here is exactly services and articulate as they did on my ac units!! Excellent! Experienced staff!!CONS: Just bring more plastic cover for wet protection.OVERALL FEEDBACK:Thanks much! And highly commendable!We are looking forward to get in touch with them, through maintenance contract basis, perioidically. It seems to be reasonable price.i hope you maintain the quality, hardwork and the passion at this role!Kudos to the engineers: Ling, Philip and AhKai! As we have nice impression on their sincerity and honesty when dealing with, towards the customer. So i hope that you guys remain expert, and do not change but to be better and better both as a person and being professional at work winning at all time. It is respectfully.
Strongly recommend their service! Keep up your good work bros!
A very good team (Ling/PhilipLaw) were dispatched to do chemicl overhaul with high pressure jet on 1 of my Panasonic unit (moldy smell) just an hr ago n it comes with 90days warranty. Punctual and friendly guys and bother to advise on the tips of using the aircon n also alert me on what has happen to my MBR aircon unit. Patience n knowledgeable enough to answer all my queries. Highly recommended.