Contract Aircon Servicing Singapore | Pros & Cons

With the busy & hectic lifestyle of many Singaporeans, we often tend to forget that many of our home electronics & equipment need some form of maintenance to increase its lifespan.

As we enter the warmer months and use more of our air-conditioning, it comes as no surprise that many Singaporeans choose to opt for an aircon servicing contract. An aircon servicing contract is contract that ensures that your home aircon conditioning managed by a trained aircon service company which in return, assures hassle free cleaning and avoiding unnecessary break downs

Below are some of the reason for engaging an aircon service company for your aircon servicing contract work.

Pros of using an Aircon Servicing Contract

  1. Hassle free experience and reminder it time to service your aircon
  2. Cheaper when compared to ad-hoc aircon servicing
  3. Warranty coverage during the servicing contract

Cons of using an Aircon Servicing Contract

  1. Bind by terms of agreements even if you are unhappy with the company

Benefits of regular servicing

  1. Cleaner & healthier air
  2. Lower electricity bills
  3. Avoid unnecessary aircon break down
  4. Increase the lifespan of your air conditioning

What types of aircon is suitable for contract aircon servicing?

Contract aircon servicing is suitable for all range of aircon from ceiling mounted to wall mount and casement aircon. This process assures that your air conditioning is service by a trained aircon service company on a regular basis.

Who should use contract aircon servicing?


Contract aircon servicing ensures that your aircon is cleaned on a quarterly basis ensure that the air produced is cleaner & healthier. A cleaner air conditioning help lower your electricity bills which in turns pays on its own.

Commercial Owners

As with all business, any break downs in your air conditioning may affect your business operation.

The best practice to avoid unnecessary break downs and expensive repair is to hire an aircon service company to maintain your aircon on a regular basis.