Chemical Aircon Cleaning

As more home owners become more survey on how to improve the longevity of their electronics, servicing and prevention has become the way to go for many home owners.

In Singapore, when it comes it aircon servicing, chemical aircon cleaning has been the best known way to thoroughly clean your aircon fan coil to clean hard to remove odour and moulds that may grow on your fan coil.

Process of Chemical Overhaul Aircon Servicing

  • Dismantle the fan coil
  • Thoroughly spray chemical on the evaporator coil and all parts of the air conditioning unit
  • Lubricate the fan bearings to make sure the unit operates quietly without producing any noise
  • Clean up the electronic circuit board
  • Wash all parts with Pressure Jet Washer
  • Flushing of the drainage pipe with Pressure Jet Washer
  • Check compressor suction and discharge gas pressure
  • Test the operation of the air conditioning unit

Benefits of Chemical Overhaul Aircon Servicing

  • In-depth removal of all mould and jelly, and kills bacteria. Make your air conditioner last longer without getting clogged!
  • We will thoroughly wash away all the chemicals used in the cleaning process, to ensure no potentially harmful substances stays in your aircon!
  • The increase in cooling effect will in turn directly allow your air conditioner to consume lesser electricity, leading to more savings!
  • We will be able to reduce the ‘huffing’ noises made by the fan blower. Enjoy a quieter and more peaceful surrounding
  • Able to thoroughly flush out any jelly buildup inside your drainage pipe with pressure jet
  • We are confident in our technical expertise. We will provide 3 months workmanship warranty to keep your peace of mind!

As with any cleaning where strong detergent is involved, chemical aircon cleaning using strong chemicals to thoroughly clean your fan coil and bowler making sure all dust and dirt accumulated is removed.

While many of us might not too concern with the type of chemicals used, families with adults or young children who are allergic and sensitive to these chemicals might find it difficult for them to adapt.

Jetwash Aircon Servicing – Your Best Alternative to Chemical Aircon Cleaning

Jetwash aircon servicing was first introduced to market with the believe of offering customers, with families members that are sensitive or allergic to traditional chemical aircon servicing

Using cutting edge equipment, producing high pressure spraying technique, we are able to thoroughly clean any fan coil and bowler without the need for chemical aircon cleaning

Process of Jetwash Aircon Servicing

  • Dismantle the cover, drainage tray and blower wheel
  • Wash all the parts of the unit by pressure jet
  • JetWash the evaporator coil
  • Clean up the electronic circuit board
  • JetFlush the drainage pipe by pressure jet
  • Check compressor suction and discharge gas pressure
  • Test the operation of the air conditioning unit

Benefits Of Jetwash Aircon Servicing

  • Pressure Jet Wash helps to prevent any insulation or condensation issues from bogging down your aircon’s performance
  • The lack of chemicals will ensure that your evaporator coil does not erode. This method is approved for regular maintenance.
  • Helps to prevent any fungi, mould or bacteria growth in your air conditioner, producing clean and healthy air
  • Asthma & Allergy Friendly
  • Lower Electrical Consumption
  • Lower Fan Noise
  • Pressure Jet Flush
  • No Brushing
  • 2 Months Workmanship Warranty