HDB Aircon Servicing In Singapore

With the weather in Singapore looking to turn humid and warm in the coming months, many household in Singapore are looking to start using their aircon during this period.

As with any electronics, with a prolong usage, servicing and repair to our air-conditioning is inevitable.

HDB Aircon Singapore

Majority of the Singaporeans in Singapore live in HDB flats. With more HDB flats being release into the market each year, HDB flats has become the number one choice for many new home owners.

Why You Should Service Your Air-conditioning?

Before we jump into the aspects of why you should service your air-conditioning, we should first understand how air-conditioning works.

The basic principle of an aircon is to draw hot air from the surrounding and release cool air to help cool the desired area.

Over a prolong period of using, dust and dirt starts to form on the fan coil. With all the dust and dirt accumulated, your air-conditioning systems need to work harder, with usage of  higher amount of energy, to produce similar performance which in turns increases your electricity bills.

By hiring a professional aircon  servicing contractor to service your aircon on a regular basis (once every 3-4 months), you can expect a signification reduction in your electricity bill and at the same time, prolong the lifespan of your beloved aircon with constant change of wear and tear parts, making your aircon system run at its optimal level in the many years to come.

Popular aircon brands for include daikin aircon servicing & mitsubishi aircon servicing. These are the most common and popular brands Singaporeans home owners prefer. As with all things, when the majority of the market is using these brands, parts will be more readily available making repair simple as compared to many of the less popular brands

When Should You Use  Chemical Overhual Aircon Servicing?

Have you notice a strong odor in your air-conditioning each time you turn it on? With some home owners smoking in their room or constant exposure to unpleasant smell, the air that your fan coil draws, will be stained with these odor.

With the use of Chemical Overhaul servicing, the chemical that is used will flush the entire fan coil, cleaning hard to reach areas and removing any odour that is been accumulated over this period.

Benefits of Chemical Overhaul Aircon Servicing

  • In-depth removal of all mold and jelly, and kills bacteria. Make your air conditioner last longer without getting clogged!
  • We will thoroughly wash away all the chemicals used in the cleaning process, to ensure no potentially harmful substances stays in your aircon!
  • The increase in cooling effect will in turn directly allow your air conditioner to consume lesser electricity, leading to more savings!
  • We will be able to reduce the ‘huffing’ noises made by the fan blower. Enjoy a quieter and more peaceful surrounding
  • Able to thoroughly flush out any jelly buildup inside your drainage pipe with pressure jet
  • We are confident in our technical expertise. We will provide 3 months workmanship warranty to keep your peace of mind!

I Am Allergic To Chemicals, Is There A Alternative?

At Aircon Servicing SG, with our years of experience in the aircon servicing and aircon repair, we have constantly come across home owners, who have adults or young children in their home allergic to chemicals.

To counter the use of chemicals, with our innovation and first in Singapore technology, we will recommend customers to use our Jetwash Aircon Servicing. Jetwash aircon servicing uses high pressure water to thoroughly flush your fan coil and blower instead of using chemicals.

Aircon Servicing Promotion

Promotion Rate

1 unit – $$70
2 units & above – $60 per unit
*including top up gas 
*High Pressure Jetflush drainage pipe
*60 days warranty for workmanship