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Ceiling Cassete Centralised Aircon Installation & Maintenance

Ceiling cassette centralised aircon is a subtype of split aircon. Thus, it is made up of two units: the indoor (which is mounted on the ceiling) and the outdoor unit (a large rectangular unit placed outside the house). Because the interior unit of a ceiling cassette centralised air conditioner is mounted on the ceiling, it is simple to identify from other split types. Within the ceiling is a pipe that links the interior and outdoor units.

A ceiling cassette centralised aircon requires no ducting and is simple to install. This is its principal advantage over a ducted system, which requires the installation of an internal fan coil into the roof area of the home. Contrary to other split systems, installing a ceiling cassette centralised aircon on your own is not recommended.

Why Choose JetStyle Aircon For Ceiling Cassette Centralised Aircon Installation

To decide where to put the indoor unit of the ceiling cassette centralised aircon, you need first talk with an expert because ceilings frequently have beams. To get the most even airflow, JetStyle Aircon can promptly determine where to position your ceiling cassette centralised aircon.

As for where to install the outdoor unit, as long as it is on a level surface with space and won’t cause vibrations, it is rather obvious.

Although ceiling cassette centralised aircon often don’t make any noise, the outside unit will, so you’ll need the assistance of a dependable professional to decide where to put it. Choose JetStyle Aircon today for the perfect Ceiling cassette centralised aircon installation!

Is Ceiling Cassette Centralised Aircon For You?

Ceiling cassette centralised aircon is a special type of split type air conditioner. It also has two units but the indoor unit consumes relatively less space compared to the typical split types. In fact, it is mounted on a recess in the ceiling and no part of the indoor unit protrudes. This makes ceiling cassette centralised aircon an ideal choice in Singapore where homes and offices conform to small space living. Is the ceiling cassette centralised aircon for you? Here are some considerations to look over:

  • Compatibility of the Ceiling
    The technician must be allowed to create a recess on your ceiling to mount the ceiling cassette centralised aircon.
  • Large Room
    Ceiling cassette centralised aircon work best for a large room. Since the chilled air comes from the ceiling, it can reach the whole room in no time.
  • Space for the Outdoor Unit
    The outdoor unit will be large and quite noisy. Thus, you would want to secure a space for the outdoor unit where it will not disturb the neighbours.
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